About Us

Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment Center (ARTC) is a very unique specialized research center that is dedicated in helping find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It is a nationally recognized center located in the heart of Palm Beach County. It has been created to specifically offer superior care and attention to those suffering with or concerned about Alzheimer’s disease. We have a full staff of the most well trained empathetic individuals you will find. We believe it is an honor to care for those afflicted with this horrible disease, provide education and offer the best hope of treatment through advancements in clinical research. Our patients and their families are treated and truly feel as if they are family.

Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment Center was founded by Dr. David Watson. He has participated in over 400 clinical trials for the treatment or prevention of Alzheimer’s disease over the past twenty-six years and is considered one of the top leaders in this field. He is a Certified Clinical Trial Investigator and presently serves as Principal investigator on numerous clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease. He first became interested in treating and hopefully one day finding a cure for this disease while caring for his Grandmother who suffered with Alzheimer’s disease. He subsequently has lost several family members to Alzheimer’s. Dr. Watson has dedicated his career to finding a cure and is one of the most passionate individuals in this cause.